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The Washington Post and the polish theatre

Theater critic Peter Marks writes about the Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival in Krakow and it’s Programme in the Washington Post.

The article entitled „Theater at the edge of war:Laughs, brutal truths and a Zelensky spoof” written by the american theater critic Peter Marks concentrate on the the meaning of the war in Ukraine in the plays of Polish theater artists.

"Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival”, a bustling, nine-day theater marathon”- underlines Marks. „The productions, all except one subtitled in English, introduced me to a theater world struggling starkly with how to respond to the ills convulsing Western societies. In Poland, it seems, one doesn’t go to the theater to escape the world; Broadway by comparison is a soft-focus fairy tale land. Here much if not all the work seems to drag audiences to the window and shout, “Look at what is happening!” Not for nothing was the play presented by Szydlowski himself in his city-funded theater in the Nowa Huta neighborhood — once a model socialist Krakow suburb — titled “Fear and Misery 2022.” -

The article you can read here:

It’s also available in the paper form of the magazine „The Washinton Post”.