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Ukrainian director Svitlana Oleshko - the author of the Polish message for International Theater Day.

Ukrainian director Svitlana Oleshko is the author of the Polish message for International Theater Day. Every year, the Polish Center of the International Theater Institute ITI selects the author of the Polish message, promotes and announces the international message and awards the POITI awards. The Polish message published for several years is a kind of supplement and commentary to the international message.

This year, the Board of the Polish ITI Center unanimously decided that the author of the Polish message 2023 will be the Ukrainian director Svitlana Oleshko, who has been living and working at the Teatr Polski im. A. Szyfman in Warsaw.
Svitlana Oleshko is the founder, director and director of the Arabesky Theater and a theater producer. She explores the transformative potential of theatre, her theatrical work always has a distinct social aspect.

She graduated from Kharkiv National University named after. Vasylia Karazina in the field of philology. She studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in the Netherlands and the art school of strategic management in Slovakia. She completed an internship at the Polish Theater Institute. From 1993 to 2019 she worked as a researcher at the Literary Museum in Kharkiv. She is a cultural activist and the initiator of the Theater Institute in Kharkiv. Together with her acting team, she dozens of projects that played a social and rehabilitation role (together with people in prisons, with people with limited mobility, etc.). The most famous productions include: "Posttruth", "Red Elvis", "Aeneid", "Radioshanson: eight stories about Jura Zoifer" (texts by Serhiy Żadan).

For several decades, POITI has also been awarded three prizes in March:
- Award of Witkacy Award - awarded to a person from abroad for promoting Polish theater in the world.
- Award for an artist from Poland in recognition of merits in the field of promoting Polish theater around the world.- Theatrical Book of the Year - an award granted by the Critics Section of the Polish ITI Centre.

We will inform you about the message.