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International Scientific Symposium "Devised Theatre and its Practices"

Devised Theatre originated in the Anglo-Saxon context in the 1970s, evolving in various cultural spaces worldwide. It continues to adapt its principles, with a focus on experimental forms beyond institutional boundaries, non-hierarchical structures, and collective responsibility for both the creative process and its outcomes, which are often less significant than the process itself. Diverse in its definition by practitioners and theorists, it now demands a deeper methodological reflection in an era of representation crises.

Devised Theatre strategies often intersect with choreographic and kinesthetic practices, making this symposium open to both theatre and dance theorists and practitioners. In addition to theoretical presentations, we invite you to join a Round Table discussion, hoping for a lively exchange with the audience. How does physical theatre differ from Devised Theatre? Is "horizontal work" possible in both theatre and dance while maintaining individual self-determination within the ensemble? Is the role of a leader solely authoritarian, or can it be useful under certain circumstances? When does the concept of "collective work" not conceal an emancipatory illusion? Finally, what influence does the economy have on the status of collective and intergroup relationships?