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Serhij Żadan will visit Poland

Authors' meetings with Serhij Żadan, one of the most famous Ukrainian writers, will take place on 17, 18 and 20 August in three Polish cities. This writer, poet, essayist and translator is well known Polish readers, among others thanks to such novels as "Internat", "Depeche Mode" or "Anarchy in the UKR".

Serhiy Zhadan, has nearly 20 books to his credit, 12 of them have been published in Poland, incl. "Big Mac", "Depeche Mode", "Anarchy in the UKR", "Hymn of democratic youth", "Voroshilovgrad", "Internat". In 2015, he received the Angelus Central European Literary Award for his novel Mesopotamia.Zhadan is also active in music, performs music from the borderline of ska, rock, pop and punk, he has several albums to his credit.The Ukrainian writer is known not only for his artistic activity, but also for his social involvement. in the Orange Revolution in 2004. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February this year, he decided to stay in his hometown of Kharkiv, where he was committed to helping people affected by the war.

In March this year, the Committee on Literature of the Polish Academy of Sciences announced that it had adopted a resolution to put forward a Ukrainian candidacy for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Swedish Academy selects the Nobel Laureate in Literature in October. It is not known whether the Academy will agree to the resolution of the Polish Academy of Sciences, its deliberations are secret and in order to take into account the vote of Polish scientists, it would have to break at least two rules accompanying the selection of the laureate.

During the meetings via the Fenix ​​Foundation, a fundraiser will be conducted to defend Kharkiv.