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Dance as a challenge

"Swans" is a dance theater performance created in cooperation with dancers who are blind, visually impaired and who use alternative motor skills. The premiere will take place on 28. Of October. Tobiasz Sebastian Berg is the director and a founder of this project.

We invited people who are open and creative, but they are often overlooked when planning and implementing cultural activities. Together, we try to create an open dance also for those who cannot see movement or ballet with their own eyes. Together, we engage in a dialogue with the codified form of classical dance, expanding it thanks to the creators' imagination and making it more accessible.

Our dancers, despite the fact that they often face exclusion, do not expect sympathy. They put passion and commitment in the first place. Under the watchful eye of a choreographer and an artistic team, they prepare a performance that will take us into the world of their imaginations and magic and will show what creating a ballet performance is for each and every one of them.

The costumes and decorations of the performance will be made of materials available in the theater's warehouses.

"Swans" is an artistic activity based on participation and integration, assuming the personal development of the project participants, refining and documenting the method of creative work with visually impaired people on a dance theater performance, as well as preparing the institution for contact with people from the above-mentioned disability. As part of the project, the choreographer and director Tobiasz Sebastian Berg conducted open workshops based on dance theater techniques (contact improvisation, body risk, authentic movement or floorwork). The workshop part was preceded by the creation of a professional performance with the participation of blind and partially sighted people, inspired by the most famous title from the classical ballet repertoire.