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DRAMOX new platform to watch theatre performances

On November 8, 2022, a new, groundbreaking VOD service - Dramox - has entered Poland. It fills up an unusual gap among streaming platforms - users will find it there performances from all over the world.

The website works on exactly the same principle as popular platforms of this kind. As part of the monthly or annual subscription, you can watch the available materials without any restrictions, both on the computer screen, TV and smartphone. What performances are waiting for virtual theater lovers?

The Polish repertoire looks very encouraging. New productions hit Dramox regularly, but now you can not complain about the lack of choice, where everyone will find something for myself.

For viewers who are looking for unique, alternative and even offers experimental performances of the Potem-o-tem group to which they belong artists of the young theatere generation. They will certainly enjoy the modern adaptation of F. Kafka's work by the artists of the Theater PAPAHEMA in the play “Process. Reconstruction". They will present themselves in a similar style

actors of the Reverse Theater with the play "Dziady - Non Fiction". For viewers thirsting for heavier, even life themes, a performance awaits at the New Theater in Poznań - "The right to choose". Young viewers, on the other hand, will find a whole galaxy of performances educational and entertainment prepared, among others by the best Polish animation theaters, such as the Puppet Theater "Rainbow" or the Animation Theater in Poznań.

But that's not all. Dramox opens theater audiences from around the world that now will also be available to Polish viewers at their fingertips - with Polish viewers, of course subtitles! From November 8, everyone will have the opportunity to look at the audience, for example, English National Ballet and see the timeless ballet "Giselle". For those unconvinced to opera, as well as its die-hard fans, Dramox has prepared many proposals - it's worth it start with the excellent and extremely witty proposal "Opera Locos". It is waiting for connoisseurs "Gianni Schicchi" with the unique Placido Domingo in the lead role. Lovers of the classics will find a number of excellent adaptations of W. Shakespeare's works, such as "King Lear" or "Romeo and Juliet" straight from the Stradford Festival stage. We are also not indifferent to art in need -Dramox also hosts performances of the best Ukrainian theaters, such as Lviv National Opera or Odesa Vasylka Theater.