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Akram Khan Company will perform in Krakow during the festival Materia Prima

Akram Khan well-known and respected dancer and choreographer, who influenced the development of the art of dance around the world comes to Krakow with his famous group founded 22 years ago - Akram Khan Company. The group will present the 2022 hit "Jungle Book reimagined". As part of the MATERIA PRIMA Festival, the artists will perform twice: on February 27 and 2 at the ICE Kraków Congress.

“The Jungle Book Reinvented" is a work that beautifully and convincingly tells about our inner need to belong and connect with others, as well as about the importance of relationships with and respect for the natural world. The performance presents original music, choreography performed by ten international dancers and modern animations and visualizations.

Akram Khan gave Rudyard Kipling's famous novel a new interpretation. He looked at it from a different perspective, through the eyes of today's children who will inherit our world. The roots of The Jungle Book lie in the deep threat humanity poses to nature. Together with the creators of the show, Akram Khan rediscovered Mowgli's journey through the eyes of a refugee trapped in a world ruined by climate change. The show appeals to all generations.

“We are now living in unprecedented and uncertain times, not only for our species but for all species on this planet. And the root cause of this conundrum is because we have forgotten our connection to our home, our planet. We all inhabit it, we all take from it, and we all build on it, but we have forgotten to return our respect for it.” – said Akram Khan.

MATERIA PRIMA – International Festival of Form Theatre, initiated in 2010 organised bienially by Groteska Theatre of Krakow, presents a selection of innovative, baffling and visionary performances.

Theatre productions invited to Materia Prima are not only attractive but also extraordinary, insightful and perfectly performed. Addressed mostly to adult public, Materia Prima frequently hosts Polish premieres of greatest achievements of world theatre and provides a friendly space where distinguished artists of high international repute can present themselves to the Polish audience.

This year we can find performances from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK. Apart from Akram Khan Company the festiwal will visit: Sasha Waltz & Guests, Sofie Krog Theater, Compania Finzi Pasca, Compagnie Käfig Jakop Ahlbom Company and Wanted Posse and Thick & Tight.

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