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30th anniversary of the Teatr Cinema

Founded in 1992, Teatr Cinema has ever since staged original performance works that intentionally respond to the products of mass culture. The core of the group consists of four professional actors working exclusively for the Cinema. The company also collaborates with performers from other Polish theatre groups. Zbyszek Szumski is responsible for the artistic shape of the Cinema’s work, directing its performances, designing sets and writing all scripts.

In rehearsing their pieces the actors use improvisation and association of ideas, frequently in response to Zbyszek Szumski’s prints which serves as the first version of the script. The scenic movement, which organizes the acting of the performers, and artwork merge the director’s intentions and the actors’ creative inspirations.

The style of Teatr Cinema uses an absurd sense of humour and Surrealist tactics which combine to form a unique poetic language of the Cinema’s stage work.