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Theater photography workshops

Wrocław Pantomime Theatre offers photography workshops with Natalia Kabanow in March . Natalia Kabanow is a photographer and graphic designer, theater passionate. Author of the scenery for the film "Made in Poland" by Przemysław Wojcienski. She has got many individual and collective exhibitions. The numerous publications in the country and abroad include her photographs and posters.

The March educational offer at the Wrocław Pantomime Theatre abounds in a number of classes: theater, music, criticism, and additionally, the registration for theater photography workshops is launched .

About the workshps:

“How do you use a camera to capture the drama of movement, capture the emotional charge of a scene, or present the nature of a character? In addition to the theory and secrets of the theater photographer's work, a large part of the classes includes practical exercises. Participants of the classes will practice and test their skills during rehearsals of the Wrocław Pantomime Theater acting group, media rehearsals for the repertoire premieres of the Theater and during workshops and shows of the Open Group. A post-workshop exhibition will be created from the participants' works.

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