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Theatre Confrontations Festival in Lublin deals with problems of our reality

The principal idea of the Theatre Confrontations Festival is the annual confrontation of the Lublin audience with a wide spectrum of theatrical performances – their various aesthetics and creative strategies.

The festival is not afraid to deal with the most important topics of the present day. This year’s Confrontations are intended to particularly appreciate the role that widely understood literature plays in the process of building a theatre performance. That is why the 27th edition’s motto is “Literature wants more”. By using this personification, we want to draw the attention of the participants of the Festival to the fact that there are hidden longings in literature. Above all, however, we emphasize the role of literature in order to consider whether it is there – that is, in the literary narrative, where the beating heart of the chosen stage events lies.

For the final of the festiwal we will see a performative monodrama by Adam Stoyanov, an outstanding deaf poet and the actor. The creators of the show, Wojtek Ziemilski and Wojtek Pustoła, put it on before the actor a task - seemingly simple - to translate a few lines Różewicz to Polish Sign Language. Together with the translator, Katarzyna Głozak, the actor tries to convey Różewicz's works in the language that it requires not only different semantics, but completely different construction meanings. Różewicz's poetry is rebuilt on the stage, revealing it non-obvious interpretations and surprising and sometimes controversial meanings.