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Warsaw. Premiere of the Guliwer Theater and the Little Warsaw Autumn

The Gulliver Theater invites you to the first premiere of the season - a musical performance entitled “The war that changed the Rondo. Niezapominajka, which was co-produced with the Polish Composers' Union and will be held on September 17 as part of the 12th Festival of Contemporary Music for Children "Little Warsaw Autumn" and the 65th International Festival of Contemporary Music "Warsaw Autumn".

The performance was based on the book "War that changed the Rondo" by Romana Romanyszyn and Andrij Łesiw, awarded at the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2015. The music for the performance, performed live by three instrumentalists, was composed by the award-winning contemporary Ukrainian artist Bohdan Frolyak, and for the direction Anita Piotrowska answers.

Rondo is the City of Flowers, which was once an ideal place - flowers played concerts in the orangery, and people lived with them in perfect harmony. Until the cloud came and took the sun away from the city. The inhabitants plunged in darkness - including the main characters: Danek, Fabian and Gwiazdka - try to recreate the city as it was before the cataclysm. Trying to remember the city and their own experiences related to particular places helps them build a machine thanks to which they will try to recover the Rondo. Will the heroes finally overcome the darkness?

When creating a performance, the creators ask themselves and us questions about community, memory and the will to bring good in the face of danger.

The curators of the performance: the director of the Guliwer Theater - Robert Drobniuch and the curator of the Little Warsaw Autumn festival - Anna Kierkosz, say:

- Art is the essence of constructivity, which is the complete opposite of war. (...) - And it is not only about art in the artistic sense. But for this intelligent, emotional strength that consists in connecting, constructing, fusing, merging, uniting, building, sticking together. We believe that the invitation to cooperation of Ukrainian artists who created the show together with Polish artists is the fulfillment of this idea, i.e. a meeting of talents, hope, dreams and energy that can release good.

Apart from Anita Piotrowska and Bohdan Frolyak, the production is supervised by many outstanding Polish and Ukrainian artists: playwright Mariusz Gołosz, Franciszek Orłowski - set designer, Yasia Khomenko - costume designer, Błażej Twarowski responsible for stage movement and lighting director - Prot Jarnuszkiewicz. In the performance on stage we will see Anna Przygoda, Maria Senko, Honorata Zajączkowska, Damian Kamiński, Jacek Poniński and Błażej Twarowski, and among the music performers: Dagna Sadkowska (violin), Agnieszka Podłucka (viola) and Dominik Płociński (cello).

The event is co-financed by the Cultural Institution Fund of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Fund for the Promotion of Culture of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, and its partner is the ZAiKS Authors' Association.

The project is carried out as part of the Zbigniew Raszewski, an artistic residency program for authors from Belarus and Ukraine.