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Winter in Krakow – visiting the city with the „Krakow culture” magazine

The "Krakow Culture" is a synthetic preview of what is most interesting, inspiring and responsive to the changes in the life of the city and its community in the upcoming season of Krakow culture. Events, phenomena, people and curiosities, but also opinions and reflections of experts, publicists, artists - all presented in a graphically attractive form of a bilingual, free magazine available both in print and online.

„We want to build a modern city, shaped by the coexistence of different values and norms while remaining loyal to local historical processes and rules which have been developed here, by the Vistula, based on regional and national heritage. A city which is complex and diverse in the cultural sense.”- underline the authors.

From December 1, the "Kraków Culture" 4/2021 is available free of charge at InfoKraków points of sale: Wyspiański Pavilion Powisle 11 ul. st. John 2 ul. Józefa 7 axis. Consents 7 Hall ul. Szpitalna 25 Balice The magazine is successively delivered to many frequented places, such as the ZDMK City Information Point at the Mogilskie roundabout, the information point in Galeria Krakowska, branches of the Kraków Library and the Provincial Public Library, the Nowa Huta Cultural Center, and bookstores and antique shops. As far as possible related to pandemic restrictions, the magazine will also be available, among others in selected restaurants, cafes and cultural institutions.

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