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National Festival Art Interpretations begins

The National Festival of Directing Art INTERPRETATIONS has been playing the role of a tender compass of contemporary theater life in Poland for over 20 years. The spiritual patron of the Katowice Festival is Konrad Swinarski, the main prize - "Konrad's Laurel" - one of the most important directors' awards in the field of theater in Poland.

In 2018, the National Festival of Directing Art “Interpretations” in Katowice returned to its original program formula – presenting the works of the youngest generation of Polish female and theater directors who will compete for the Laurel of Konrad Swinarski, the patron of the festival in Katowice.

“We really wanted Interpretations to stand out from the multitude of theater festivals in Poland with a clear programmatic assumption, so that they would not be a presentation of performances according to an eclectic arrangement of performances with one or another ideological banner,” said Ingmar Villqist, the artistic director of the festival, which in 2018 was at its head.

Performances by theater directors who made their stage debuts as directors no later than 10 years ago are competing for the festival’s main prize, Konrad’s Laurel. There are five theater performances that premiered in the last two seasons before the festival. As part of the festival, there are also two other, separate competitions – TV shows and radio plays. Prizes are awarded to the best director in each of the three competitions. The program also includes accompanying events dedicated to directing and the new language of theater.