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Prague Quadrennial 2023

The 15th edition of the Prague Quadrennial, presenting two Polish projects: “Look Around” as part of the Exhibition of Countries and Regions and “Asylum” as part of the Student Exhibition, will begin on 7 June 2023. They are both produced by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.



Archa Theatre’s International Summer School soon in Prague

Archa Theatre’s International Summer School is a platform for experimentation and investigation in the field of documentary theatre. The summer school offers artists coming from all around the world a two-week period of free experimentation using the tools of documentary theatre. Language of the school is English. Archa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic 25 August – 7 September 2023. The application deadline has been extended until 31 May 2023.



Łukasz Twarkowski’s Greek debut

A monumental spectacle of an experience on the border between theater, film, and video art by Poland’s leading contemporary director Łukasz Twarkowski, making his Greek debut with an iconoclastic performance that dives deep into the abyss that is contemporary art and centers on the strange individual that was the expressionist artist Mark Rothko.



Iwan Wyrypajew a Russian director arrested in absentia by a Moscow court

Wyrypajew is an actor, director, playwright, and one of the most innovative and important contemporary playwrights in Europe. Born in Irkutsk, Russia, he currently lives in Poland, holds Polish citizenship, and works in various European theatres. Wyrypajew's plays have been produced all over Europe, including the United States. Wyrypajew has won various awards for his work in theatre and has recently made a name for himself in contemporary European cinema. His feature film "Euphoria" won the Little Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival in 2006. The artist would end up being detained if he entered Russian territory.



The Future of European Theatre Takes Centre Stage in Opole

In May, ETC Member JK Opole Theatre hosted three major events on the future of European theatre: the ETC International Theatre Conference, the ACuTe Symposium, and the high-level European Commission event, the European Theatre Forum 2023.The future of European theatre and its relationship with the environment and digital tools were discussed in detail in Opole, Poland this month.



Dimitris Papaioannou to inaugurate International Festival „Kontakt” in Toruń

Dimitris Papaioannou  Greek artist gained early recognition as a painter and comics artist, before his focus shifted to the performing arts, as director, choreographer, performer, and designer of sets, costumes, make up, and lighting. He formed Edafos Dance Theatre, in 1986 as an initial vehicle for his original stage productions, hybrids of physical theatre, experimental dance, and performance art.



The Long Nigth of Museums also for theatre lovers

This Night unlike others offers this year a record number of 270 institutions will take part. There would be also a lot of suprises for theatre lovers.There will also be concerts by artists from the Opera Academy, curatorial tours of the exhibition and guided tours around the backstage of the Grand Theatre. During the Long Nigth of Museum there will be also an oportunity to see Krystian Lupa exibition in Powszechny Theatre in Łodż and see the perfomance in Miniatura Theatre in Gdańsk - The Long Nigth of Museums take place in Łódź and Gdańsk on 13 th of of May as well.

Current repertoire




Workshop with Aleksandra Kotecka and Tomasz Wierzbowski with the assistance of Krzysztof Paździora.

‘The voice is the actor’s most sensitive instrument, much more sensitive than the body’. VoiceLAB is a laboratory of the voice. Inspired by the tradition of closed theatre studios, including Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre, which focused on exploring the complexity of the actor’s art, VoiceLAB offers in-depth laboratory work zooming in on its most personal, intimate and unique element. The laboratory approach allows participants to delve deep into the essence of their own voices, not stopping at the surface that is usually defined by goals resulting from the need to present material to the public. By conducting in-depth work with the voice, you can gain a better understanding and control of this instrument. The work allows for an unhurried in-depth process of exploring your voice, its anatomy and psychology. It makes it possible to discover its full potential.

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Biosonology: Sound Wave Therapy

Workshop with Aleksandra Kotecka. Apply to 3 days before session

During this session the body will be stimulated by a sequence of precise sound frequencies influencing the functions of different body organs. The vibratory nature of sound is a powerful tool capable of activating responses at the level of organic consciousness to bring the body towards homeostasis through psycho-physical rebalancing and enabling us to access our deepest resources in order to, among other things, regain our ability to self-heal and to mitigate external stress factors.

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Performer/Warrior. Research and educational series

A series of work sessions with Przemysław Błaszczak. Na Grobli Studio, the Grotowski Institute In Po

The research and educational series Performer/Warrior concludes the research that I conducted in 2022 as part of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship called ACTOR-WARRIOR: A Research and Education Project. As part of it I will want to share the results of my research and, together with the participants, ask myself new questions and look for new challenges. The space of exploration between the path of the Performer, especially in the perspective set by Jerzy Grotowski in his text Performer, and the practice of aikido, which in my opinion is unique among all martial arts, offers an enormously inspiring field for research on the essence of action and the actor himself/herself.

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