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The Phenomenon of the Musical „1989”

The rap musical about the generation of "Solidarity" enjoys incredible popularity among the audience. The spectacle, which is a co-production of the Słowacki Theater in Krakow and the Shakespeare Theater in Gdańsk, is played on two stages in Krakow and Gdańsk with a full audience. Certainly it is due to the surprising and clever performance that captivates viewers regardless of age.



Workshops of theater lovers

The performers/pedagogues of Teatr ZAR do the workshops for theater lovers and professionals. A series of four cycles of long weekend meetings, led by two or more of the performers/pedagogues of Teatr ZAR at a time. This formula allows us to delve deeper into the processes of different lines of creative work and experience how they resonate together.


"Brave New World" first stage producion in Poland

"Brave New World" directed by Piotr Ratajczak is an adaptation of the famous novel by Aldous Huxley. According to its creators, the new spectacle of the Osterwa Theater will not leave anyone indifferent. Its dramatic adaptation was made by Magdalena Drab. The spectacle maintained in the atmosphere of science fiction is supposed to tell about the risks involved in subordinating to the system or focusing on consumerism and convenience.This is the first stage production of this text in Poland



Anna Burzyńska's new drama premiered in Salzburg

Anna Burzyńska's play "Avalanche Caller" premiered at the Kleines Theater in Salzburg. Earlier, her “Accompanist” played in Salzburg was appreciated by the audience. Maybe the latest drama will share the fate of the previous show.



Swan Lake performed by Ballet Preljocaj

Since founding his company, now composed of 24 dancers, Angelin Preljocaj has created 50 choreographic works, ranging from solo to larger formations. The Ballet performs about 100 dates per year on tour, in France and abroad.In Multikino on 31st of January.



Ersan Mondtag works in Cracow

World famous German director Ersan Mondtag works in Stary Theatere in Cracow. He prepares the premiere of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill "The Threepenny Opera". The premiere which will take place 3 rd of February will refer to the geopolitical situation in our part of Europe.

Current repertoire




Workshop with Aleksandra Kotecka and Tomasz Wierzbowski with the assistance of Krzysztof Paździora.

‘The voice is the actor’s most sensitive instrument, much more sensitive than the body’. VoiceLAB is a laboratory of the voice. Inspired by the tradition of closed theatre studios, including Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre, which focused on exploring the complexity of the actor’s art, VoiceLAB offers in-depth laboratory work zooming in on its most personal, intimate and unique element. The laboratory approach allows participants to delve deep into the essence of their own voices, not stopping at the surface that is usually defined by goals resulting from the need to present material to the public. By conducting in-depth work with the voice, you can gain a better understanding and control of this instrument. The work allows for an unhurried in-depth process of exploring your voice, its anatomy and psychology. It makes it possible to discover its full potential.

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