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Ebbing and flowing

If it doesn't suddenly turn out that another prolonged lockdown is needed, then things will be as they were, if not more so. As we know, we need many experiences for nothing to change - Jakub Moroz and Przemysław Skrzydelski sum up the theatrical season 2020/2021.


Theatre focused on human being

"Three Sisters" were dreaming of a better life but forgot to live. In my opinion, it is a metaphor for how we live today. On the one hand, we have dreams that we are trying to fulfil, on the other hand, we regret that we fail to fulfil our own goals. Suddenly, we must accept that we are becoming old and dying, an existential experience for all of us.- says Flemish direcor Luk Perceval in interview with Monika Pilch.

Current repertoire



VoiceLAB. Workshop series with Aleksandra Kotecka and Tomasz Wierzbowski with the assistance of Krzysztof Paździora

Apply by 27 September Languages: Polish and English

‘The voice is the actor’s most sensitive instrument, much more sensitive than the body.’ VoiceLAB is a laboratory of the voice. Inspired by the tradition of closed theatre studios, including Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre, which focused on exploring the complexity of the actor’s art, VoiceLAB offers in-depth laboratory work zooming in on its most personal, intimate and unique element. The laboratory approach allows participants to delve deep into the essence of their own voices, not stopping at the surface that is usually defined by goals resulting from the need to present material to the public. By conducting in-depth work with the voice, you can gain a better understanding and control of this instrument. The work allows for an unhurried in-depth process of exploring your voice, its anatomy and psychology. It makes it possible to discover its full potential.

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