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"Proximity (Closeness)" in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre.

It will be one of the most original productions in the history of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, full of original moments. The performance "Proximity (Closeness)" is a work of an international and collective created especially for this occasion: Icelandic veterans met a group of much younger people from Poland, students of the Gdańsk University.

It started with getting to know each other through joint movement activities, improvisations and experiments. When, during rehearsals, the participants of the project began to ask themselves about the subject of the future performance, it turned out that he basically appeared alone. It was brought about by life, civilization changes, crises and other turbulent events in the world, which cannot be ignored. The experience that the participants of the process indicated as the most common to all people, regardless of origin, race, age and views, was the need for closeness in the face of being lost in the chaos of the modern world.

Further work went in this direction: exploring different ways of talking about intimacy and showing it on stage. The performance became a manifestation of it, which took a form that draws handfuls of dance theater, physical theater and even from the tradition of performance art.

Gudmundur Thorvaldsson, the director of the performance, mentioned in his announcements one more important inspiration: surrealism. He also talked about how important is the visual layer when creating the spectacle. He also mentioned "involving the audience in the stage experience".

All this convinces us that an evening spent at the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre on one of the two shows of this spectacle can be very unforgettable.

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