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Teatr Zar will work in Istambul

The project initiates a unique collaboration between Teatr ZAR and Studio Des Vu aimed at developing the artistry of actors/performers. These two esteemed groups come together to create an advanced educational program for theater artists.

Teatr ZAR, known for its innovative and experimental approach to theater, has gained international recognition for its unique productions and interdisciplinary approach to actor training. Their works draw inspiration from diverse cultural and spiritual traditions, creating performances that deeply move audiences worldwide.

On the other hand, Studio Des Vu is renowned for pushing the boundaries of performance arts. The studio has nurtured a new generation of outstanding artists.

Together, Teatr ZAR and Studio Des Vu will create a distinctive educational program encompassing diverse techniques and methods, drawing from the artistic experiences and philosophies of both groups of artists and educators.

Students participating in this program will have not only a unique opportunity to develop their skills in acting and performance arts but also a chance to explore the significance of inspiration from various cultural traditions, experiment with new narrative methods, and refine their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.

This collaboration will also promote cultural exchange and cooperation among artists from different backgrounds, creating a dynamic and inclusive artistic community.