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„My year of rest and relaxation” with English supertitles

Stage adaptation of a novel by Ottessa Moshfegh, one of the most original and bold voices of contemporary American literature, directed by Katarzyna Minkowska, a rising star of young Polish theatre. Performances with English supertitles are available only on selected dates in September.

fot. photo: Monika Stolarska

A story of a young woman living in New York. She’s wealthy, beautiful, well-educated and… miserable. It’s year 2000, beginning of a new millenium, future looks bright and yet, nothing seems to help her - unknowingly stuck in a prolonged mourning, she’s unable to engage in any real relationship or to find any actual meaning in the silhouette of a life she’s living. Searching for a change, she decides to „log out” of the unsatisfying dailyness - using a mixture of psychotropic drugs, she plans to spend one year in a deeply unconscious state and wake up to a brand new her. Reborn, happy, alive. However, the deeper the state she dives in and the stronger the meds that allow the dive, the more she’s forced to confront her memories and repressed emotions.

Directress: Katarzyna Minkowska

Adaptation: Tomasz Walesiak, Katarzyna Minkowska

Dramaturgy: Tomasz Walesiak

Scenography: Łukasz Mleczak, Katarzyna Minkowska

Costumes: Jola Łobacz, Łukasz Mleczak

Choreography: Krystyna Lama Szydłowska

Music: Wojciech Frycz

Multimedia: Agata Rucińska

Operator: Janusz Szymański

Realization of the live camera: Janusz Szymański

Lighting: Paulina Góral, Monika Stolarska

Cast: Izabella Dudziak (featuring), Monika Frajczyk (featuring), Marcin Wojciechowski, Anna Kłos, Katarzyna Herman, Mariusz Drężek, Konrad Szymański, Agata Różycka, Martyna Kowalik, Małgorzata Niemirska, Lidia Pronobis, Małgorzata Rożniatowska, Marcin Stępniak, Marcin Sztabiński, Krystyna Lama Szydłowska (featuring). Performances with English supertitles are available only on selected dates. Look out for the label in our repertoire. Seats from which English supertitles are visible: stalls, rows 7-15.