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Royal ballet Don Quixote

Loaded with humorous elements and dazzling with bravura choreography, this energetic 19th-century ballet is brought to life anew by Ludwig Minkus' rousing composition, providing a magnificent display of virtuosity from The Royal Ballet's principal dancers. Created for The Royal Ballet a decade ago, Carlos Acosta's exuberant production brings the sunshine and charm of Spain to the stage with Tim Hatley's quirky set design. As part of the Royal Opera House Cinema Season 2023-24, the British Council and Multikino invite you to see the Royal ballet Don Quixote.

Don Quixote reads a book of adventures and becomes deluded, believing that he is the successor of the medieval knights-errant, on a quest to serve his imaginary Lady, Dulcinea. He sets out with Sancho Panza. They meet Kitri, who is in love with Basilio, a poor barber. Her father Lorenzo wishes her to marry the foppish nobleman Gamache. Kitri and Basilio run away together to get married. Lorenzo and Gamache set out in pursuit, followed by Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Kitri and Basilio find themselves surrounded by gypsies who suspect they have come to steal from them. Lorenzo and Gamache arrive followed by Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Don Quixote mistakes a windmill for a monster and goes on the attack with disastrous results. Half unconscious from his injuries, Don Quixote falls into a dream-filled sleep in which he is transported to a magic garden, where he meets the Queen of the Dryads.

Lorenzo and Gamache find Kitri and Basilio in a local tavern. Lorenzo is determined to see Kitri married to Gamache. Basilio pretends to stab himself in jealous despair, while Kitri implores Don Quixote for help. Don Quixote forces Lorenzo to bless the lovers, convinced that Basilio is dying. Basilio makes a miraculous recovery – their scheme has worked. The entire town celebrates the wedding of Kitri and Basilio. Don Quixote realizes that he must continue his quest and sets out once more to perform deeds of chivalry.