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The Tiger Lillies special performance in Gdańsk

The iconic London trio The Tiger Lillies returns to Gdańsk! Dark, disturbing, peculiar, absurd - these are just a few descriptions of the work of this group, which for 35 years has been combining the tradition of Berlin cabaret with British post-punk in a phenomenal way. Using original instruments - accordion, piano, drums and double bass - she created her own musical style and, thanks to her acting skills, unusual costumes and make-up, a unique stage image.

Drawing inspiration from the gloomy manifestations of human existence, and at the same time showing a great sense of humor, the artists have completed many album and concert projects. These include famous plays and musicals such as "Shockheaded Peter", "Circus" and "Freakshow", as well as theater commissions, including: "Woyzeck", "Hamlet" and "Lulu". And on their releases, the group paid tribute to Edith Piaf, the writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe, and collaborated with the Kronos Quartet and with the artist Nan Goldin. In the latest program "Lessons in Nihilism", the members of The Tiger Lillies return to the main theme of their work, i.e. the meaninglessness and absurdity of existence. The artists still want to entertain the audience with a colorful show and provoke them to think, singing that "all our actions are like throwing stones into a pond, because their effects will fade into nothing anyway."

A performance by the iconic British band The Tiger Lillies. Its members play in a trio on accordion, piano, ukulele, drums and double bass. In their works, they are inspired by cabaret, theater, operas, circuses and street performances. They sing about life and death, but they also have a sense of humor.

The Tiger Lillies will feature:

Martyn Jaques – voice, accordion, piano, ukulele

Adrian Stout – double bass

Budi Butenop – drums