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  • When

    22.09.2023 , 18:30

  • Where

    Teatr Wielki
    pl. Dąbrowskiego 1 90-249 Łódź

  • Language

    surtitled in Polish

  • Style / Genre


  • Duration

    3 hours, 20 min

  • Intermission


Opera in four acts.

Aida is a beautiful grandiose opera ordered by Ismail Pasha, the khedive of Egypt, for the celebratory opening of Suez Canal. At first, Verdi did not find the libretto of the piece interesting, but the enormous remuneration, 150 thousand francs in gold, and freedom of choice of all performers soon tempted him to accept the khedive's offer. These luxurious conditions enabled him to create a timeless and unforgettable work. The preview took place in the natural setting in Cairo on 24 December 1871.

The opera shows the story of Aida, a daughter of Ethiopian king Amonasro, who lives as a slave on Egyptian court. She falls there in love with an Egyptian chief, Radames. However, also the king's daughter, Amneris, is in love with Radames. One day a war between Egypt and Ethiopia breaks out. Radames is appointed the commander-in-chief of the army. Desperate Aida, against her father's will, wishes her beloved luck. When victorious Radames comes back from the war, the Egyptian king offers to give him his daughter as a wife. Aida and her father, Amonasro, are about to become hostages.

Aida was directed by Marek Weiss-Grzesiński. He created a story about love and patriotism and the choices and dilemmas connected with these passions. The production presented in Łódź has got a very original and spectacular set design.


Directed and staged by:MAREK WEISS-GRZESIŃSKI
Set and lighting design:PAWEŁ DOBRZYCKI
Costume design:MARIA BALCEREK
Choreography:IZADORA WEISS