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An immersive spectacle in the Portuguese Azores

Have you ever wondered what it is like for astronauts to return after a long mission in space? The B61 Institute invites you to take a fascinating journey into the depths of this experience with the immersive performance 'Return'. This extraordinary event will take place at the Arquipelago Centre for Contemporary Art in the Azores, combining art and science in a unique way.

The main plot of the performance tells the story of the astronauts' return to Earth after a long mission in space. Upon their return, the astronauts are taken to a special centre, where they undergo a process of assimilation - both physical and cultural. This stage of their journey, as important as the space mission itself, is full of challenges and surprises. Viewers will have the opportunity to follow the emotional moments of the astronauts' adaptation to earthly conditions, their struggles with the new reality and their attempts to find their place in society again.

"Return" is an interdisciplinary production that engages the audience's senses and mind, offering not only a visual and aural experience, but also an intellectual challenge. The performance is the result of an artistic residency by Jan Swierkowski and Aleksandra Bednarz, who invited not only male and female artists, but also the local community - sign language interpreters, boxers and students. The integration of these different communities creates an extremely rich and diverse artistic space, emphasising the multidimensionality of the assimilation process.

The production is directed by three artists: Jan Swierkowski, Aleksandra Bednarz and Maria Joao Gouveia.Their shared vision brings together diverse perspectives and talents to create a unique artistic experience."Return" will be presented at the Arquipelago Centre for Contemporary Art, a unique institution that supports modern forms of artistic expression. The location, situated on the picturesque island of São Miguel in the Azores, adds an extra layer of magic and mystery to the whole experience.The project is implemented with the support of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, DGE ARTES, and the Cuyahoga Province, and is produced by Estudio 13 from Ponta Delgada.In addition, the event is under the patronage of the Polish Embassy in Lisbon.