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Biosonology: Sound Wave Therapy

  • When

    17.10.2023 - 19.09.2023

  • Where

    Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego (ul. Rynek-Ratusz 27 50-101 Wrocław)

  • Language

    in english

During this session the body will be stimulated by a sequence of precise sound frequencies influencing the functions of different body organs.

The vibratory nature of sound is a powerful tool capable of activating responses at the level of organic consciousness to bring the body towards homeostasis through psycho-physical rebalancing and enabling us to access our deepest resources in order to, among other things, regain our ability to self-heal and to mitigate external stress factors.

Through biosonological sound stimulation, our conscious mind can learn how to shed limiting beliefs and the different layers of its life mask, revealing the true nature of our selves. Biosonological sound stimulation also enhances our ability to manage stress and burnout through rebalancing the relationship between the ortho- and parasympathetic parts of our autonomous central nervous systems. It triggers a series of positive biophysical reactions in our bodies. Keeping the mind and body closely linked through the main physiological regulation systems (the nervous, lymphatic, hormonal and immune systems) brings a range of benefits that include:

  • rebalanced sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduced inflammation
  • higher energy levels
  • stronger immune system
  • detoxified digestive system and a higher count of ‘good’ bacteria
  • enhanced self-healing capacity

Created by Domenico Sciajno, biosonology is an integrated dynamic system that promotes psycho-physical well-being and brings benefits for individual development, both in the interpersonal and the mental and creative domains. Biosonology is based on multidisciplinary research done in research centres in Italy, the US, the UK, Japan and Finland.


Voices of Chorus

streaming live / polish with english subtitles (dodać takie info?)

Voices of Chorus is a workshop that gives the opportunity to meet together within the traditional polyphonic song. The process will be based on practices that are present in the work of Studio Kokyu on a daily basis. Through the involvement of breath, body and voice, we will explore the function of the chorus, the protagonist and their mutual relations. In this work, traditional polyphonic songs are a source of stories that, if we truly listen to, can still speak through us.Workshops open to everyone interested in participating, regardless of previous experience.

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Freeing the Natural Voice According to Kristin Linklater: The Touch of Sound

streaming live / polish with english subtitles (dodać takie info?)

This intensive weekend workshop called Freeing the Natural Voice According to Kristin Linklater: The Touch of Sound is a workshop of the Voice In Progress Studio designed for anyone who wants to learn the Linklater Voice Method but cannot attend regular sessions or wants to deepen their awareness of the method. The workshop will progress in a strictly step-by-step fashion as designed by Kristin Linklater. It will not be an interpretation of her work but a faithful transfer of knowledge. Guided by Joanna Kurzyńska participants will progress through the first part of the progression of exercises described in the book Freeing the Natural Voice, and will be able to discover changes occurring in their voices as they work with text.

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