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Dimitris Papaioannou to inaugurate International Festival „Kontakt” in Toruń

Dimitris Papaioannou Greek artist gained early recognition as a painter and comics artist, before his focus shifted to the performing arts, as director, choreographer, performer, and designer of sets, costumes, make up, and lighting. He formed Edafos Dance Theatre, in 1986 as an initial vehicle for his original stage productions, hybrids of physical theatre, experimental dance, and performance art.

In 2020, Dimitris premiered „Ink”. The 55min duet performed by Šuka Horn and Dimitris Papaioannou premiered at the Torinodanza Festival and has been invited to the 75th Festival d’Avignon in 2021.

Dimitris Papaioannou captivates audiences around the world with his monumental stage works in which each tableau is an aesthetic revelation. This year’s Kontakt festival programme includes his INK, in which the guardian of a dark, flooded universe is trying tohold its fragile balance and preserve order. An intruder from the bowels of the earth bringingboth gentleness and cruelty disrupts his solitary existence. In a duet that soon shades into a

duel, the great Greek artist Dimitris Papaioannou, accompanied by the fascinating dancer Šuka Horn, probes the limits of reality, passing it through the filters of science fiction and horror.

The Kontakt International Theatre Festival will take place from 31.05 – 7.06 in Toruń.

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