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Festival in Italy with Polish elements of the programme.

The 53rd edition of the Festival invites us to imagine new perspectives of social coexistence through the eyes of significant artists from the Italian and international performative scene and many emerging voices.From the 7th to the 16th of July, the 53rd edition of Santarcangelo Festival, enough not enough, will take place.

The claim suggests the opportunity to question ourselves by confronting the world we live in. What are we no longer willing to accept? What do we miss? How can we share a reality increasingly characterised by inequalities, injustice and exploitation? Starting from the proposals of the invited artists – many of whom embody narratives rarely presented in the Western mainstream scene – enough not enough investigates the limits of our consent and the critical points that trigger dissent, the forerunner of any real change.

The multidisciplinary event held in Santarcangelo di Romagna – directed for the second year by the Polish curator, dramaturg and critic Tomasz Kirenczuk– aims at transforming the medieval village into a "festival-city" for ten days, entrusting the performing arts with the crucial function of being a hybrid and stimulating space in which to experiment with alternative visions. The body, simultaneously the object and subject of the artistic activity, is transformed from a source of discrimination into a instrument of liberation and a starting point for constructing one's identity, feeding the hope of a fairer and more inclusive future in which to coexist.

"Santarcangelo Festival has a distinct uniqueness that makes the entire town function according to a logic of action completely different from that of daily life. Santarcangelo does not only host the event, but it also becomes a festival-city, a dialogue-city, a meeting-city, a party-city" – states Tomasz Kirenczuk – "It fascinates me how the places that Santarcangelo's community offers to artists as art spaces become an essential part of the narratives created in other social and cultural contexts, even very different ones. Above all, we want the 53rd edition of Santarcangelo Festival to be an authentic and profound experience: individual, collective and open to new ways of thinking and being together".

Most of the artists featured in enough not enough easily move between different performative genres - theatre, dance, music, visual art and transversal disciplines - without belonging to clear-cut categories and practices and interweaving different cultures and aesthetics. This heterogeneity closely connects to how artists read the present and take it on stage employing the most innovative trends of the emerging global scene.

Alongside the big international names of performing arts such as the French Rébecca Chaillon (who comes from Martinique and is for the first time in Italy), the Brazilians Ligia Lewis and Ana Pi, the Canadian Dana Michel and the German Julian Hetzel in collaboration with South African performer Ntando Cele, many young artists will bring their works to Italy for the first time: Lithuanian performer Anna-Marija Adomaityte, French performer Nach, Belarusan artist and activist Jana Shostak, South African performer Tiran Willemse and Palestinian artist Basel Zaraa. The Italian debut of Polish-Dutch performer Wojciech Grudzinski will be supported by the first call of the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists - EFFEA of the European Festival Association. In the framework of BE PART - Art BEyond PARTicipation, Piazza Ganganelli will host the project "The Guxxi Fabrika" of Chilean visual artist and performer Cote Jana Zuniga, who will also be making her Italian debut. After last year's success, Polish-British performer Alex Baczynski-Jenkins and Catol Teixeira, a non-binary Brazilian performer, return to the Festival with two new shows, and New Zealander Kate McIntosh is the guest artist of the "boxed" performance by Samara Editions. Swiss performer Mélissa Guex, Canadian multidisciplinary artist Clara Furey and Jamaican-Norwegian artist Harald Beharie complete the international programme.

Among the Italian participants, in addition to the performer and author Chiara Bersani, dancer, performer and choreographer Cristina Kristal Rizzo and the duo formed by performer, actress and author Silvia Calderoni and performer, activist and researcher Ilenia Caleo, we will also see performer, director and visual artist Eva Geatti, CollettivO CineticO and Francesca Pennini, the Dewey Dell collective, and performers and choreographers Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin and Sara Sguotti. Actress, performer and director Emilia Verginelli and sound artist and musician Agnese Banti will present two new productions, the results of the work realised in the past year thanks to FONDO, the new project dedicated to supporting young creatives, developed by Santarcangelo Festival with 12 international partners.

Again this year, the Festival will present the outcomes of the workshops of Let's Revolution! / Teatro Patalò and of the Teatro delle Albe's non-scuola, the results of four months of work with the teenagers of Santarcangelo's middle and high schools.

Santarcangelo Festival also continues its investigation of experimental clubbing, curated by Chris Angiolini, the artistic director of the historic Bronson Club in Ravenna.

The complete programme will be announced on Thursday, 25th May.

Santarcangelo Festival is organised by the association Santarcangelo dei Teatri thanks to the Municipality of Santarcangelo di Romagna and the Municipalities of Rimini, Longiano, Poggio Torriana and San Mauro Pascoli, with the support of the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Emilia-Romagna Region, Visit Romagna, the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna and by the partners Gruppo Hera, Gruppo Maggioli, Anthea Futura and Amir OF.

Santarcangelo Festival is produced in collaboration with the Embassy and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Embassy of Canada, ATER Fondazione, EFFEA European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists, the Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia, Goethe-Institut Mailand, Instytut Adama Mickiewicza, Institut français, Istituto Polacco di Roma, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Performing Arts Fund NL, Rappresentanza Generale delle Fiandre in Italia and promoted by the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Santarcangelo Festival is a partner of the projects – funded by Europa Creativa BE PART – Art BEyond PARTicipation, In Ex(ile) Lab and ROM Residencies On the Move, and of Boarding Pass Plus Dance.