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Iwan Wyrypajew a Russian director arrested in absentia by a Moscow court

Wyrypajew is an actor, director, playwright, and one of the most innovative and important contemporary playwrights in Europe. Born in Irkutsk, Russia, he currently lives in Poland, holds Polish citizenship, and works in various European theatres. Wyrypajew's plays have been produced all over Europe, including the United States. Wyrypajew has won various awards for his work in theatre and has recently made a name for himself in contemporary European cinema. His feature film "Euphoria" won the Little Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival in 2006. The artist would end up being detained if he entered Russian territory.

Independent Russian news website Meduza reported on the entirety of the incident. According to reports, the director, Iwan Wyrypajew, was detained in absentia on May 3 by the Moscow District Court on charges of disseminating false information about the Russian army (Article 207.3 of the Russian Criminal Code).

It seems to come in consequence to what the artist has said about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, for in an interview with Radio Tok FM, Wyrypajew emphasized that, despite feeling Russian, he has long been a fierce opponent of Putin's government.

Moreover, he reassured his audience that it is untrue that Russia is supporting armed conflict or doing nothing in response to the attack on Ukraine. He is now facing up to 10 years in prison for these and similar statements.

Iwan Wyrypajew has been now listed on the federal wanted list thanks to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The artist would end up being detained if he entered Russian territory. Wyrypajew's father still lives in Moscow.

As husband of Karolina Gruszka he became a citizen of Poland last year and renounced his Russian citizenship in protest. He said after receiving it that he "wants nothing to do with the regime."

“I will continue to do everything in my power to free Russians from this terrible captivity and tyranny they have been living in for many, many years,” he said.