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Krystian Lada works in Warsaw. For Varsovians.

D'ARC, conceived and directed by Krystian Lada, is a contemporary opera set in three time plans and dreams in which the heroines of the story meet: Joan - a Parisian, daughter of Polish emigrants, photographer; Joan - a Varsovian, insurgent, cellist; and Giovanna - a French national heroine, the Virgin of Orléans. What unites the characters in this newly written story is their willingness to commit to a larger-than-life vision.

Krystian Lada is a director who has worked successfully with the most important opera houses of Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. His productions are often set in unusual spaces such as production halls, former hospital buildings and city squares. Especially for the Warsaw Uprising Museum, Krystian Lada is creating a performance encompassing the museum space, Freedom Park and the nearby architecture, in which Warsaw's Wola becomes a portal to the past and the future.

The libretto for the opera is written by award-winning authors Anka Herbut and Łukasz Barys. Their texts are based on motifs from the diaries of artists who participated in the Warsaw Uprising and the story of Joan of Arc. Leading Polish composers and songwriters of the young generation - Dobrawa Czocher, Teoniki Rożynek and Rafał Ryterski - create new works for chamber orchestra and soloists. Alongside world premieres of their compositions, audiences will also hear rarely performed works by Julius Eastman and artist-composer Roman Padlewski.


During one evening, following the heroines of the story, the audience will visit Paris 2024, Warsaw 1944 and Rouen 1429. We will be guided by the cellist Dobrawa Czocher (Joanna), the actress Agnieszka Grochowska (Joan), the soprano Gabriela Legun (Giovanna) and the baritone Szymon Komasa as the Angel of History.

The performance, which is being produced as part of the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, is not only a tribute to our ancestors. It is also a journey through musical and theatrical conventions, in which the artists experiment with form, structure and space.

Libretto - Anka Herbut I Łukasz Barys
Music - Dobrawa Czocher I Teoniki Rożynek I Rafał Ryterski I Julius Eastman I Roman Padlewski
Music director / conductor - Lilianna Krych
Director / set designer / script writer - Krystian Lada
Scenic cooperation - Łukasz Misztal
Costumes - Natalia Kitamikado
Lighting - Aleksandr Prowalinski
Assistant Director - Magdalena Milczarska
Production - Warsaw Rising Museum - Marta Kuźmiak I Iwa Ostrowska I Beata Spodarek

Joan - Agnieszka Grochowska
Joan - Dobrawa Czocher
Giovanna - Gabriela Legun
Angel of History - Szymon Komasa

Orchestra / Hashtag Ensemble - Wojtek Błażejczak I Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska I Adam Eljasiński I Paweł Janas I Krzysztof Kozłowski I Mateusz Loska I Małgorzata Mikulska I Dominik Płociński I Kamila Wąsik