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Ophelia. Subject Study

  • When

    26.07.2024 , 17:00

  • Where

    Teatr Wybrzeże
    ul. Św. Ducha 2 80-834 Gdańsk

  • Language

    surtitled in english

  • Duration

    1 hour, 10 min

  • As part of the festival:

    28th Shakespeare Festival

“Ophelia seems less relevant when heads are rolling around. It seems to us that we move too quickly and easily to the order of life over Ophelia's death - this is what the creators of the show, Kolektyw: Kaczmarek, Pi Pa Piwosz, Romanova, say about their heroine.

Role reversal. "Now you have peace, Hamlet, you did what you had to do / and you have peace. The rest is not silence, but belongs to me" - let Fortinbras in Herbert's story give Ophelia the stage. The rest is hers.

The heroine's ennoblement as a leading figure is based on the study of the subject. Such theater restores mindfulness and tenderness towards seemingly silent and lifeless things. Creators see potential where few people look. They reverse proportions and patterns. They consciously, carefully and vigilantly analyze a character who has so far been secondary.

The theater of objects brings to life the story of Ophelia: airy, modest, delightful. From an icon it turned into a legitimate figure.


Kaczmarek & Pi Pa Piwosz & Romanova


script and direction: Ewa Kaczmarek in cooperation with Helena Romanova and Patrycja Piwosz
costumes and set design: Patrycja Pi Pa Piwosz
music: Marta Knaflewska
lighting: Marta Figurska