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  • When

    14.10.2023 - 15.10.2023

  • Where

    Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego (ul. Rynek-Ratusz 27 50-101 Wrocław)

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    in english

Performer- with a capital letter is a man of action. He is not somebody who play another. He is a doer, a priest , a warrior: he is outside aesthetic genres.¹

Following the questions and thoughts present in Jerzy Grotowski’s text Performer, as well as those that have appeared on my personal path of exploration, I propose a work session that will allow you to confront the basic issues of the performer’s practice and shed light on the extremely important issue of working on yourself. The one indicated by Konstantin Stanisławski and then taken up by Jerzy Grotowski. Listening to his (Grotowski’s) searches, combining the baggage of my experiences both theatrical and those related to practicing and teaching Aikido, I invite everyone interested to travel together between the fascinating worlds of precise practices, the main goal and issue of which is the question of working on oneself, pushing boundaries, discovering possibilities, potential and shaping it by working on technique. As part of the workshop, I will propose exercises in the field of aikido basics, physical and vocal training, and those related to the so-called “internal martial arts” with an emphasis on focus, attention, mindfulness, relationship to space and partner / partners, lively responding to their impulses. Training, movement, breath, sound, voice, word, text, rhythm, timing, structures – these elements will be the right working environment. Through observation, provocation, confrontation and recognition, together with the participants, we will deconstruct both the above-mentioned functions and ourselves – to discover the potential of the body-mind instrument of both the performer and the warrior. We will check whether it is possible for these two functions to wake up, activate in one acting person. The key here is the concept of continuous, careful work on oneself, deepening awareness in action, which naturally refers to Stanisławski and his concept of the actor’s work on himself and the method of physical actions.

Przemysław Błaszczak


Voices of Chorus

streaming live / polish with english subtitles (dodać takie info?)

Voices of Chorus is a workshop that gives the opportunity to meet together within the traditional polyphonic song. The process will be based on practices that are present in the work of Studio Kokyu on a daily basis. Through the involvement of breath, body and voice, we will explore the function of the chorus, the protagonist and their mutual relations. In this work, traditional polyphonic songs are a source of stories that, if we truly listen to, can still speak through us.Workshops open to everyone interested in participating, regardless of previous experience.

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Freeing the Natural Voice According to Kristin Linklater: The Touch of Sound

streaming live / polish with english subtitles (dodać takie info?)

This intensive weekend workshop called Freeing the Natural Voice According to Kristin Linklater: The Touch of Sound is a workshop of the Voice In Progress Studio designed for anyone who wants to learn the Linklater Voice Method but cannot attend regular sessions or wants to deepen their awareness of the method. The workshop will progress in a strictly step-by-step fashion as designed by Kristin Linklater. It will not be an interpretation of her work but a faithful transfer of knowledge. Guided by Joanna Kurzyńska participants will progress through the first part of the progression of exercises described in the book Freeing the Natural Voice, and will be able to discover changes occurring in their voices as they work with text.

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