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Revoluzione e Nostalgia can be viewed on and in press

German Oper Magazine!, which featured a review of the latest opera Rivoluzione e Nostalgia, directed by Krystian Lady. The show premiered at La Monnaie in Belgium on 22 March. Manuel Brug, in his text 'The children of the revolution have already grown old', writes : Under the title 'Rivoluzione e Nostalgia', La Monnaie presents a collage of early Verdi operas. It works surprisingly well, both dramatically and musically.

'At La Monnaie in Brussels,' the author goes on to say, 'the operatic repertoire is often deconstructed or re-composed. This was the case with Wagner's 'Ring of the Nibelung', directed by Romeo Castelluci, but also with other productions where old opera librettos were reconstructed.

Last season, all four of Dionizetti's operas describing the Tudor dynasty were staged under the title 'Bastarda' - it was a flashback-rich story of Elizabeth I, spread over two evenings. Now, under the catchy title 'Rivoluzione e Nostalgia', which literally translates from Italian as 'Revolution and Longing', we can hear a collage of Giuseppe Verdi's youthful years. The result is a diptych, telling a freewheeling, contemporary story in which the basic sound structure remains intact. It is also a tribute to Verdi, whose early works feature prominently in this production.

Together with conductor and musicologist Carlo Goldstein - Krystian Lada, who is adept at creating new forms out of old dzi - Krystian Lada, who is adept at creating new forms from old works (both as a playwright, director, set designer and as a video artist) has created a new production with great love for the subject and great stage craftsmanship. He has told an exciting story about student activists that ends in disaster, only for the survivors to reflect on their defeat in the next part of the play set 40 years later. A similar motif can be found among various French, Italian and German films about the '68 generation.(...) Rivoluzione thus appears to be a collage on the one hand, but on the other it follows in the footsteps of a romantic opera. The only difference is that the filmmakers have removed the overly homogeneous-sounding musical passages. Krystian Lada masterfully combines music, film and stage and Verdi's music is gloriously resurrected. And here is the good news , also for you, the opera Revoluzione e Nostalgia can be viewed on until 29 September.