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TanzHochDrei 2023 – K3 residencies world premieres

The residency at K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg is a unique opportunity for young artists from all over the world to focus on their research and the development of new pieces for eight full months.

This year, the Syrian-German performance and video artist Enad Marouf, the Samoan stage, design and dance artist Aloali'i Tapu from New Zealand and the choreographer and performer Eng Kai Er from Singapore are guests at K3. During the TanzHochDrei Festival from 15-19 March, the world premieres of their new choreographies will come to the stages of Kampnagel. For the first time ever, the entire festival will take place over an extended weekend - 5 days full of dance! You can catch multiple shows in one evening and spend time at the bar with artists and colleagues.

Aloali’i Tapu MANU MALO

15, 17, 18 March | Kampnagel, K2

In the Pacific, language often mimics its climate – dancing and speaking in the rhythm of nature’s song, sitting close to the earth, holding trees close to the chest or listening to the ocean wash dreams ashore. Aloali’i Tapu enters the stage with family, friends and guests to create a new performance of memory, dreaming and coexisting.


16, 17, 18 March | Kampnagel, P1

Starting from her own complicated work biography, Eng Kai Er explores personal and social meanings of work. She and the performers design elaborate experiments, stay faithful to timetables, and serve one another as professional playmates. But there is also a cat with very long whiskers, a broccoli, a bed made of money, and a hammer.


16, 18, 19 March | Kampnagel, K1

Night has a sense of staging: As thoughts spill into the pillow, memories, fantasies or doubts submerge our thinking. "And Now It Is Night" explores queer memory, loss and desire. Movement, text and sound are overlaid and fragmented. Revealing a nonlinear story, set in an architectural installation that is reminiscent of the old city of Damascus at night.

In addition to the premieres of the three choreographers, there will be an installation by the Ukrainian-Cambodian dancer and choreographer Daniella Preap, who explores her Cambodian roots through a combination of Khmer and Contemporary Dance.

And everyone who wants to get moving has the chance to do so during the physical warm-ups, at the Dance Well movement classes, or at "Supernatur-all", where an open dance class turns into a rave.

More information about K3 and the full programme can be found here: