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Theatres of various cities show their backstage areas as part of the Museums' Night

It is already a tradition that every year the theatres of different cities in Poland present to visitors places that are inaccessible in the theatre. Thanks to the Night of Museums, audiences can look forward to the presentation of places that are inaccessible on a daily basis: backstage, storerooms or dressing rooms. Sometimes it is possible to see theatre craftsmen at work.

As part of the NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMS, we would like to invite you on 18 May, from 10 p.m. to 2.30 a.m., to visit the historic building of the Polish Theatre in Warsaw. We are opening the backstage of our home - the Polish Theatre - for you. On this extraordinary night, you will be able to see with your own eyes the process of creating a performance in a theatre with a history of over 111 years.

On 20 May, as part of Poznań's Night of Museums, we will invite you into the world of make-up and wig-making - the Drabowicza Hall will be transformed into a wig-making workshop, with its tools, models, wigs, and - of course! - the masters, i.e. the make-up team, who will reveal their secrets. If you have often been bothered by questions such as: what does it take to do theatre make-up? How do you turn a 20-year-old into an old man, and how long does it take to create a wig straight out of Louis XVI's Versailles, our professionals will soon be able to answer these questions and more.

Together with our guide, we will learn about the process of make-up, its key elements, see the most spectacular realisations, and have the opportunity to observe the process of applying make-up, wigs or artificial wounds. We'll look at the expert hands weaving the wigs, trace the cycle of wig making and see the condition of the oldest wig, which is in the theatre's more than 100-year-old collection.