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To bitch or not to bitch

  • When

    26.07.2024 , 21:00

  • Where

    Klub Żak
    ul. Grunwaldzka 195/197 80-266 Gdańsk

  • Language

    surtitled in english

  • As part of the festival:

    28th Shakespeare Festival

To be or not to be for the body. In cultural and social contexts, we use concepts and, however, judgments. Dirty body or clean body? Pure or dancing to its own rhythm? Are there universal criteria to resolve dilemmas?

And do they need to be unraveled? A non-rational method, focused on body sensations and reactions, movement and expression, is the proposal of the creators from Hertz Haus.

This Shakespeare dances, and the core of his work: the text, the word, has been released from leading. For artists, physicality, guts, digestion and excretion, blemishes, eczema and stains are important. This allows you to breathe, gain some distance, and attack from a different angle.

Hertz Haus in the play "To bitch or not to bitch" play characters from Shakespeare's imagination. They invite viewers to the laboratory they run, where physiology meets philosophy.

The performers: Magdalena Kowala, Natalia Murawska, Joanna Woźna and Anna Zglenicka use their movement and choreography structure to comment on uncomfortable and excluded threads of everyday life, which they also see in universal cultural texts.


Hertz Haus / Poland


concept: Magdalena Kowala, Natalia Murawska, Joanna Woźna, Anna Zglenicka
music: Wojciech Wilk
dramaturgical consultations: Patrycja Kowańska