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We Come from Far, Far Away at Wrocław Main Train Station

The first presentation of the performance in Poland. A production of the cult international company NIE Theatre, in which artists from the Czech Republic, Norway, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia and Mexico collaborate. NIE Theatre specialises in stories told with simple means (inspired by movement theatre and puppetry tradition), which carry a universal message.

The performance ‘We Come from Far, Far Away’ is a subtle story about two Syrian men and their journey through Europe. The story of Omar and Abdallah is extremely moving, but it is not lacking in humour and lightness, allowing a difficult topic to reach young people. The performance was created in collaboration with the Norwegian refugee centre Hvalstad Transittmottak, where teenage refugees mostly from Syria and Afghanistan have been received.

The performance will be presented in collaboration with BWA Wrocław, Contemporary Art Galleries at Wrocław Główny Railway Station. An additional context, which emerges thanks to the presentation of the performance at the station, is the reminder of the recent crisis caused by the outbreak of war in Ukraine, when many refugees found shelter in this very building. We hope that the gesture of placing the performance in a place so rich in meaning will carry a deeply humanist message - a protest against the division of people into better and worse, into those who are worth taking under our common roof and those whom we refuse to help.An integral part of the performance is the discussion at the end.

Performance in English


Directed by: Alex Byrne, Kjell Moberg