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ZAR Intense 2024

  • When

    12.07.2024 - 25.07.2024

  • Where

    Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego (ul. Rynek-Ratusz 27 50-101 Wrocław)

  • Language

    in english

A unique opportunity to delve into the creative practices of Teatr ZAR’s theatrical work.

ZAR Intense is an initiative born out of the need to share our unique artistic language and values and the questions that accompany our creative work. It is a profound, poetic and human approach that aims to encourage the actor to create in a very interdisciplinary manner, weaving together physical and vocal practices, live solo and polyphonic singing with physical improvisations, training the listening, a deep physical and vocal concentration, and the courage to stand alone and with others in conveying messages that are important and need to be heard by the world around us.

What do we share?
The work will be focused on introducing and delving into various lines of practice proposed and developed by actors of Teatr ZAR. These lines of practice will include disciplines that interweave between each other creating a network of vocal, physical, textual, breath and concentration work.
Such sessions will include:

  • Polyphonic singing that encourages collaboration and team-work in listening, supporting and taking the reins
  • Working with sound carrying an image and adapting it to stage language
  • Daily practise of healthy vocal and breathing techniques
  • Performer physical training – building stamina and understanding one’s own strengths in order to use them in building a heightened physical stage presence
  • Tuning the body awareness. Physical training which in its essence becomes mental training
  • Widening our primal inborn sense of perception into one that can be receptive to subtleties in our daily lives
  • Improvisation within tight and precise technical frameworks
  • Partner training including simple acrobatic elements to develop coordination, trust and collaboration
  • Devising stage material

Lectures, discussions and presentations:

  • Meeting with the sources (meeting dedicated to expeditions and reconnaissance made by Teatr ZAR while gathering music material )
  • Process of creation – a space to discuss the process of creation accompanying performances of Teatr ZAR (meeting with whole company)



The Ember: 6th Summer School of Studio Kokyu – 2nd group. Workshops with Przemysław Błaszczak. Apply by 18 August

streaming live / polish with english subtitles (dodać takie info?)

The Summer School of Studio Kokyu is 10 days of intense physical and vocal training which will take place in the forest base of the Grotowski Institute, Brzezinka. The work is based on practices present in the daily training of the Studio. Through regular immersion in precise structures, we aim to recognize the action of the actor-performer within a group. Living and working in Brzezinka as a collective provides an opportunity to dive into a process that embraces work within a training room and the natural world outside.

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